jordanmarch9201430 Minute Reading/Consultation- $40
In the time we have, I will read your energy and let you know what is most important to your healing, growth and balance in the moment, and then I will go about letting you know as much as I can about how to bring balance to your being.

1 Hour Intuitive Healing/Coaching Session– $70 CAN
This is an hour of us connecting about your current state of being, personal issues and blockages, where you are and where you want to be. I ask people to premeditate on what they’d like to work on and where they’d like to be in their lives to be moving toward reaching their full potential. I will do everything possible within this time span to bring you closer to your goal, not by sharing my beliefs and ideas, but by leading toward a greater ability to interact with your mind/body/spirit interface. The entire session will be based on what I can see within your being shamanically, and what I am drawn to engage in the most, as well as what you want to deal with. I will also offer clearing and balancing where I see it can be done. I don’t claim to offer “healings” in these sessions, but healing is often the result of my work.

2 Hour Intuitive Healing/Coaching Session-$130 CAN-
These sessions can include a further discourse on methods for healing that resonate with you, as well as intuitive guidance on personal issues such as relationships, general health and diet and could include a variety of channeled information depending on what you inquire about. More time offers a greater opportunity to explore your internal environment and how your energy (thoughts, emotions and beyond) are effecting your life.

These sessions are for people who are serious about their own healing, growth and self exploration, and want to know how to get control of their life at every level possible. If you are ready to let go of any “bullsh!t” and find out how real all of this “spiritual” stuff is, let’s talk!

ALL prices are negotiable to some extent and are based more and time and energy exchange. Donations are always welcome!

text at 1-250-681-7803


  1. Hey Luke here:Good for you man, if you do up any interesting articles that I think would fit in somehow into my page, I would be happy to share them there (


    Are your services only for people in canda? I understand there might be a price differance for being in the states, however is your healing services even distant unavailable? Sorry if this question has already been asked. I did not have time at the current moment to search. In school – suppose to be working on pathologies and sanitation protacals! ( massage therapy)

  3. Do you offer sessions of those of us outside of Canada? I’m very interested but I live in the U.S.!

  4. Would you come to new brunswick to a 2 hour healing sessio n?

  5. I dont know you tell me bro

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