Poetry- Dancing in the Light of Life


The NEW book Dancing in the Light of Life is AVAILABLE NOW!

The book contains 7 pieces of metaphorical, metaphysical, mystical, poetic and quite practical and literal poetic verse, to read internally, or aloud to inspire others.

These heart and mind opening pieces of literature are layered by Leija Turunen’s absolutely stunning photography, which blends light and visual beauty with the words that when spoken, create a myriad of feelings, from openness to euphoria…they can simply be an incredible start to a day, or an extremely powerful heart opening experience. If printed out on glossy or photo paper in good quality, the book can be used partially or entirely as a poster to decorate a room/office with incredibly inspiring beauty and energy.

Please consider supporting our journeys through spreading this amazing energy with others! Prices are by love donation of around $14 CAD through paypal
Just contact me to request the book and it will be sent asap in PDF format!

SO much love to ALL ❤

  1. Beautiful page Jordan 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the love

  2. I look forward to reading your poetry!

  3. Searching for peace and absolute Treasure,
    Is something (it seems) as going to measure.!
    The life away from its Destiny’s ambit,
    Selecting the Myth and Seeking for Pleasure..!!

    I am fond of writing poems and may help you if you wish.

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