1. hey Jordan im brandolyn and I was watching the video you and leija did, Speaking on the Essence of Life, Love, Learning and Balance. I want to know everything how to be balance how to feel more and think less, how to be in the flo. I want to know everything im not rich but im willing to do anything for that balance of everything

    • Just keep being yourself as fully as you can, the wisest teacher we have is our own inner self, we all have that “Christ”, “Buddha” or “Krishna” consciousness within ourselves, we must simply cultivate an awareness of feeling…be as aware of your world and your experience as a baby is when it comes into this world. We are all our own best teacher, although a lot of the times many more will come. I highly recommend watching my youtube videos as I continue to teach more, and also Herbgardner00, ThreeTreasureTonic and mrkurt13 on youtube, they’re all sharing AMAZING knowledge along the same lines as I am. Read the Tao Ti Ching and research Taoism, and start a daily meditation and energy movement/physical movement practice…profound realizations will come! Much love! Wish you the best on your journey! Namaste ❤

  2. Your energy work is very inspiring! I am interested in your healing services.

  3. hey Jordan, I am so amazed by your type of healing and intuitiveness.. I would love to chat more with you about your journey and a bit about mine.. possibly even look into doing a session with you! Namaste. Alysha

  4. Hi Jordan.. I love your you tube vids. Your an inspiration.. I felt to contact you im in london uk.. have had tight chest for seven months it is healing slowly through spiritual healing at church and doing yoga and acupuncture. I dont know for definite where it came from but I pray every day my body will fully heal so I can be best mum to my son and help othets one there anything else that can help…love and light katie x

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