Bridging Heaven and Earth

Bridging Heaven and Earth

The Conscious Alchemy “Embodiment 101-Bridging Heaven and Earth” video course is being created to assist in the mental, emotional and physical health of anyone who choose to take part. The program consists of vital information, tips, techniques and exercises to bring harmony to the body and mind, allowing the spirit to be more fully embodied.

Included in this course will be information and tips on physical and energetic health, a full body walk through of physical, mental and emotional connections, relations and patterning and various techniques to assist you in relaxing, opening and bringing energy into the entire body as well as transforming and removing harmful energy. Through exploring the body, the energy field, movement and sound in various ways, you will be able to map the body and bring awareness to self-defeating, negative and/or harmful mental and emotional patterns and begin to transform them. We will explore the main areas of plagued by stress and tension in the body and learn how to relax, open and heal them by bridging the gaps between consciousness and our bodies…heaven and earth.












Some featured material will include;
-Fear/Stress/Tension Patterns/Neurotic Holding Patterns, how to find and heal them
-How to cultivate full body, energetic, mental and emotional awareness and balance
-How to ground mental/spiritual energy and move/absorb/transform creative/sexual energy
-How to cultivate peace, love and joy…without neglecting your shadow
-Principles and techniques of self-healing, energy work, emotional clearing and inner alchemy
-Visualization, relaxation, body work, body scanning and body mapping techniques tips and tools
-How to utilize routine, ritual and rhythm
-How to open choked throats, barricaded hearts and tight hips
-How to create a daily mind body spirit practice
-Improve your digestion, circulation, energy flow, organ, tissue and bone health
-Energy/chakra clearing/balancing, sound healing and much more!

The courses will be designed to give someone who decides to learn from it, what I would like to ideally give every person who I do an in person energy healing/coaching session, it’s a stepping stone onto a path of more balance, and more full expression of who you are, and will leave you with tools on how not just only how to cope with life, but how to embrace it and use it to embody the most of who you are as you possibly can. The more energy and vitality we have, the more in touch with our emotions we are, and the more knowledge we have about general every day “how to relax and just be human when the world is getting me down” type stuff, the better off we are, this place is a bit cray cray and it’s a lot of fun to be able to step out of your own way and stop ticking yourself off or suffering unnecessarily. There are many ways to bring awareness and healing to any physical, mental or emotional “issue” we might have, and by transforming them, we become more open, more peaceful, we learn better, we laugh and cry harder, and we feel better…if you want to learn how to feel SERIOUSLY better about just about anything pretty much instantly at any moment during the day and learning more about relaxing into humanness I highly recommend you consider purchasing the material and I hope that you benefit from greatly from it.If you are interested in signing up to receive the Bridging Heaven and Earth material, you can get in touch with me through facebook, or right here by email.


$55     1st week-3 or 4 in depth videos and other material relating to the body, mind and spirit relationship and basic energy dynamics

$88     2 weeks-6-8 videos and other material covering more of the energy dynamics and principles of moving energy through and healing the body

$222   All of the Bridging Heaven and Earth material will be made available at once to go through at your leisure

Payment can be made through paypal, or if you live in Canada, through an online bank transfer.
Money transfer can also work. More direct payment options directly through this website may be available in the future.

All prices are in CANADIAN dollars, if you can’t quite afford it, get in touch with me and we’ll work something out, I don’t want to withhold this form anyone who truly feels they would benefit form it, I just need to make a living like everyone else 🙂
IF you choose to pre-order it before it’s ready to send out, I will offer you a 30+ minute consult to get you started and help you to get started on any key issues, weaknesses or interests you might have.
If you are interested in signing up to receive the Bridging Heaven and Earth material, you can get in touch with me through facebook, or right here by email.

Infinite Love ❤ We’re all (in) this together ❤


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