Spiritual Saturation

What have you saturated yourself in today? What do you often find yourself  feeling and experiencing? What flavors of energy are you habitually soaking yourself in? Do you even notice what’s caused you to feel a certain way when your day is just off? No matter what the cause, we have most likely unconsciously saturated ourselves in something that has caused this to happen, whether it was triggered by a person, a situation or just our perception of our current circumstances.

Of course when we don’t feel good, there’s a reason, it’s perfectly fine, and it’s ok to be present with and feel it fully for as long as we need to, for as long as it’s there a lot of the time…but we also need to be aware when we are unconsciously creating turmoil for ourselves by not paying attention to what kind of energy soup we’ve been brewing for the last few hours, the last day, or the 10-50 years.
I know we all know that person who seems to always be frustrated, pissed off, defensive or angry about something, or those who are always anxious and worried about something…and a lot of the time when someone is constantly, habitually shifting into these states of being, it’s because of their own perception, which triggers thoughts, which causes them to feel a certain ways, which stirs their emotional energy, which then directly effects them physiologically down to the cellular and even atomic level, especially over time. At first it’s just how we feel, then it’s a constant mental/emotional loops, then it begins to actually effect our physiology, our bodies become tense, certain organs and bodily structures are effected, we develop, or make worse our muscular and fascial armoring, and then we become mentally, physically or spiritually diseased…and this could all have been prevented.

Take time ever day to stop and take note of what you’re saturating yourself in…no matter what is on your plate that day, we can always take 30 seconds or a few minutes, to notice what we’ve been thinking, what we’ve been feeling, how we’ve been holding our bodies, and what we’ve been projecting into them, as well as our environment and reality.

What we’re saturated in can consist of thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions, ideas and beliefs, and anything that can form a habit and effect our energy…when we develop habits on any level, it will literally become a part of who you are…so when you come to a point in life where you seem to be sick of who you are, or what kind of experiences your life is composed of, I feel that THE MOST important question you can ask yourself, is what kind of spiritual marinade you’ve been in a habit of flavoring yourself and your life with.

Instead of getting up and going straight to work, take some time to get up and stretch, touch your whole body, smile into it and be grateful for it and everything else. Sit with the breath and heart beat, and take note of what you’re programming your day with, whatever you do when you get up is going to set a resonant frequency, especially if continually re-enforced throughout  the day. When you go to bed do the same, as it’s going to sink into your subconscious and effect your dream life. Just as important is taking breaks through out the day to come back to what that resonant frequency…you may not always feel perfect, but just be sure you’re not holding onto anything you don’t need to, and making it worse than it should be.

I personally (I think many others do as well) come from a child hood where we felt neglected, or not appreciated in many ways, so we felt that we needed to suffer, be uncomfortable, unhappy, or in pain of some sort on some level, in order to get attention and love. It’s a pattern I’ve broken, but slight remnants remain, so I’m always checking myself to see if I’m sitting in something negative or not useful unnecessarily in order to get attention or to feel loved. No matter what your patterns are, be sure that you’re not allowing yourself to soak in the energy that feeds it. Create new patterns, new habits, new ways of perceiving, thinking and acting, so that no matter how you feel, you know that you’re foundation is in the truth of who you are, and how amazing this experience is.

Unconditional love to all ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. Hey Buddy, hope all is well with you and your family. I noticed your writing has become a little more fluid. I still think you need to spend more time on your editing, you may want to have someone check your work before you put it out there. I think if you just read what you’ve written over and over again you’ll see it for yourself. Take care man.

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