For You, My Love

I know I can’t force myself to grow, but I will always give you all of who I am.
You inspire me to do the same for myself, and everyone else…
to live, to love, to share, to inspire, to be amazed, to lift up others.
I may not be wealthy beyond measure, but I am rich with passion.
I know how to feel deeply with presence, listening intently…and I will always love you.

Inside, like within all of us, there is a part of me that is still a child, refusing to grow up…
but it is my responsibility to share and to serve, and I will refuse no longer…
I will allow my frightened inner child to break loose and run free, so that it’s excitement can animate the man that I am constantly becoming.

More than any amount of comfort or security I could have for myself,
I long to give you comfort and to make you feel safe.
Although I will go without it at a moment’s need, I long eternally for your embrace…
not as a crutch, or something to depend on, but as a way to share this love which abounds for you.
I may not always be able to give you all that you want or need in every moment,
but know I would part the seas, travel the earth and search the night sky just to bring you a smile.
I may not have what some other men have to offer, but I will never stop giving you all of myself, as long as you are willing to receive me.

Stepping through all of my fears, I walk towards your light…sometimes blinded by it…for that I apologize, and I will eternally allow you the space we both need…but please know that through
your illumination of my heart, I am finding my way to myself…I am learning to live more fully through you.

Putting aside my ego, I embrace all that you have to share with me.
In your light, I begin to see more clearly what is in the way of me being who I am…
I am realizing who I’m meant to be, who I am already.
Through your love, I feel safe and warm in a cold world…every day it allows me to recognize my innate power, to step up and to step out into the darkness, further into my fear, to explore, to create, to share and to grow.

Although I cannot create the perfect future instantly, I am more than willing to learn and to grow and to create for you and with you. I am more than willing to serve you, and to worship you…thank you for allow me to grow with you…
Allow me to be imperfect, to be wounded and sometimes misled…you are my perfection, you are my healing, you are my direction.
Please hold my hand while I create a world for us to thrive in.


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  1. This is so beautiful. What a beautiful love.

  2. beautiful!!!

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