You Deserve Love









You deserve love.
You are here, you are human, you are alive.
You are a miracle, bountiful in your intricacies and idiosyncrasies,
you deserve to feel love.
You deserve to be loved, not just by your parents and family,
not just by your friends, lovers and admirers…
You deserve to be loved by YOU.
When you find yourself lacking in those to surround you with warmth,
you must be able to rest in the fact that you will always love you.
You deserve love.
You deserve love like you deserve to live, not because you are owed anything,
or you did anything, but because you are alive.
You were born, so you are loved by the world, if not all the people you see living within it.

The trees, the grass, the air, the Sun, the water…they love you completely and unconditionally.
All of nature wishes to make love with your essence.
If you recognize this, why would you ever stop yourself from feeling and being loved?
Receiving love, is receiving truth, it is receiving life…do you not deserve to live?
You deserve not only to feel and receive love, but to be filled with it,
to pour from it, to fall into it, to dive into it, to overflow and burst at the seems  with it…
you deserve to be lost in rapture, not just once or a few times,
but in every single moment you are alive, because life is true love.
Love is when life fills us, yet we tend to block it out, to push it away,
to close our bodies to it, because we believe and hold onto the stories of our perceived past.
We remove from ourselves that which is most precious,
while at the same time seeking eternally for it,
this which should be flowing freely through every sinew of our being.

You deserve to let go of all reserve and be smitten completely in the arms of love.
You deserve to be lost completely and know nothing but love.
You deserve to allow life to pour through you, to expand from within you and to radiate from you,
clearing the lingering residue of death that has accumulated where love once roamed free and unbound,
like children at play, like lovers entwined, like the wind dancing over the earth.
You deserve to be fully alive.

You deserve more than you can imagine, yet truly, this is beyond deserving.
Like the tree has it’s leaves, like the sky has it’s rain, like the ocean has it’s waves,
like the Earth deserves the Sun and the Moon, you deserve love…
In fact no living thing truly deserves anything…it is beyond birthright,
there is no question as to whether it can be given or taken,
it simply comes and goes…
You are life itself…heart beating, breath flowing…so live, be perfectly you…and be loved.


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  1. Wow this is such a positive and gorgeous post, just what I needed to read. We often forget to love ourselves when it actually starts from within to manifest it outward. I loved it! Thank you for sharing this.

    I hope you don’t mind that I reposted it on my blog

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