What in the world are we doing with the world!

lakelouiseeSo I haven’t been blogging for a while, in fact, I’ve been subconsciously restricting myself from connecting with and communicating with the global community via this website and my tumblr…I used to put up blogs on my tumblr, but I’ll be blogging through here now, and maybe sharing these blogs through tumblr.
I’m quite honestly a little bit pissed about things like Fukashima…of course I know in the bigger picture, there are lessons being learned, and most definitely (somehow, I know it seems crazy to some) something good to come from it, even if it’s us humans learning that nuclear power is NOT the way.
First of all I want to mention that in while many people on the internet are talking about many things, one of them being the government shut down in the US (while definitely effecting many people, it’s not to be worried about, and is indeed government theatrics), while no one seems to be talking about the fact that in November, the removal of the spent fuel rods in Fukashima begins…this is very likely to be an extremely harmful event, as the holding tanks for the fuel rods are QUITE messed up and removal will likely cause cracked or broken fuel rods. There used to computerized systems to remove the rods safely, but since those systems aren’t operational, it’s up to human technicians to manually remove them…there’s a good chance that it will be a long and harmful process. Also, less we forget, the building itself is crumbling, and should another earth quake hit, will likely be damaged, or will collapse with all the fuel rods still held on the 3rd floor. They say an event like this could cause damage equal to 15x  Hiroshima, or worse. What are we, as the general population doing about this? Not a whole lot right now…Yes there are some mass meditations, yes I’m sure there are a few active groups doing something, but we as a global community need to work together on this, especially should there be more damage done with the attempted removal of these rods.

My intention is not to be a downer here, but to spread awareness of this issue, and also what is possible to fix it, and also how we can use it to our advantage.
Using our own intention, via prayer and our own personal knowledge of energy work (especially if you are a practiced healer!) we can do the same type of healing to the earth, as we can to each other. Taking the time each day to relax, breath and allow yourself to cleanse away any held stress or emotional energy will create an impact on every level of existence, everything is connected. Anything we can do to help ourselves heal and come into balance is effecting the earth as well, as we are part of what is affecting the earth’s electromagnetic field. There are simple and effective ways to begin doing this, and depending on your skill level, you can take it MUCH deeper. A simple way to do something about the environment, if you can’t go cleaning up all the mess yourself, is to know and feel that when you clean ANYTHING else, radiate that energy through you, into the earth and expand it around the earth and towards areas effected by pollution or radiation, or just encompass the earth. Any practitioner of Reiki, Pranic Healing or Qi Gong can use the Earth’s energy, multiplied by their own heart to send to any area they wish to dissolve and clear the harmful energy. The energy radiating from within ourselves, and any natural living thing is radiating frequencies that are natural balancing and will create harmony where they are focused to and flowed through.

Along with our own consciousness and healing work that we can do alone, or in groups, there are many things we should be doing en masse as much as possible such as planting hemp, and various types fungai Johnny Appleseed style, or through guerrilla gardening/planting, even organized farming.
It would be EXTREMELY beneficial for groups to get together to plant “wall crops” of hemp and these mushrooms along the coastlines and interior of BC and California, as these areas are getting hit with increasing amounts of radioactive gas not to mention the ocean water and rain. On top of this we should be gridding and filling this fields and our communities with orgonic, vortex and radiant energy technologies as much as possible, these include crystals technologies, orgonite, energy pulsing vortex coils and tesla technology among others.

I can’t do all of this, but in the near future I’ll help where I can, for now I’m writing about it, hoping that people who can do something about this do something, and that people who can band together with others, or fund projects like this, do so.

That’s it for now, sending you all love and respect, let’s do our best to keep ourselves and this world clean and healthy! ❤


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