Bridging Heaven and Earth-Embodiment 101


This blog is mainly an intro for my new upcoming program that I’ll be offering through Conscious Alchemy, but it is not technical explanation of what the program offers, it is a literal and metaphorical rap on it’s purpose, power and value.

Bringing Heaven and Earth (Embodiment 101) will be a program to assist individuals get back in line with their essence, their innate human qualities and expressions. It is designed to allow someone to begin to be comfortable in their body(and therefor on Earth), to identify mental, emotional and physical stress patterns, and to help them begin to unwind the loops of thought and emotion that keep us from fully inhabiting our body in a balanced way. These stress patterns which keep energy from flowing in the body are a major factor in all distress, suffering and dis-ease. When our “awareness/consciousness/spirit” is not grounded in our body, the body is not connected to what is allowing it to live, the body’s innate intelligence will keep it alive, but without the two polarities of our essential nature meeting in the body, it will not thrive. The thoughts and emotions we experience are both effected by, and can be the cause of/the nourishment for these patterns.

Now in the name of this program, the words Heaven and Earth are used both literally and metaphorically/metaphysically. We all experience stimulus that in our perspective is related to both the physical(the body, the earth, the weather) and non-physical(thoughts, vibrations, music/sound) “environment” and “self”, the inner and outer dimensions of our experience meet at the boundaries of our sense of self…our skin, our bones, our beliefs, our states of being and personalities all formed based on the various octaves of experience all around and within them, formed by that which they feel and experience. If your entire perspective of reality is based on what you’ve felt and experienced and you can CHOOSE to be aware of something, to do something, to create something, to visualize and feel something, whether it be in the body, mind or beyond, than you can choose to explore the ranges of possibility that the experience has to offer.

Heaven is the spirit, which is feeling and experiencing  within you, and the body is Earth, animated by spirit, and they are one. Their vibrations dance with one another and create the song of a human life, as they would dance to the song of a bird or a tree. The question is; where are you not dancing? Where are you not living? Where are your not expressing the glory of life through your body? Where does Heaven and Earth not meet in your body? Do you get stuck in your head, and are there physical symptoms? Do you tighten your chest or abdomen when stressed, angry or worried? Do you notice that when you feel threatened by an idea in your head about your experience, and thoughts rise up about it, feelings about those thoughts stirring emotions and the body’s memories of fear, pain or in the form of shallow breath, tight throat and/or jaw, neck pain, back pain, stomach pains, tight fists, tight/sore hips and legs etc? These are your stress and tension patterns, the body remembers all sorts of seemingly threatening and fearful moments that happened when we were younger, whether it was being scolded by our parents or traumatized in some way, the body’s defense is to tense up, become rigid, and stop breathing, and can go into fight or flight mode, when the primal, the animal, the earth takes over. To overcome these patterns, we need to dive into the body daily, grounding ourselves and moving energy through our systems, clearing out and moving emotional/creative/sexual/life force energy, we need to dance and sing with the vibrations of the songs of the subtle forces all around and within us. The Earth dances with the Sun and Moon and we are the dust of the earth. You may have heard of the web of life? Well doesn’t the vibration of any part of a spider’s web effect the whole web? We can affect our bodies and minds with attention and intention, using the body, using the feeling awareness of our touch, the focus of our minds and even the sound of our voice to clear away old holding patterns and allow the body dance, to allow the mind, emotions and sound to move life through it. “Where awareness goes, energy flows”.

We are being shaken into patterns of personality, belief, culture, religion, ideology, lifestyle, mentality and disease by the discordant song of society, our bodies tightening trying to defend us, while cutting us off from ourselves. When we use rhythm, movement and sound to break out of these patterns and allow life to dance through us, we can begin to create our own songs. Shaking out of the our old patterns can be very challenging…we are weak from being shaken and held down for so long, we have forgotten how to direct our intent and our will has been shaped and driven by our previous perspectives. The rhythm we must over come can be strong, like ocean waves , but when we begin to relax and open up, we get in touch with ourselves, we feel the life moving through us  again, and we begin to gain strength and determination. We begin to be able to tread the water at first, coping with life, beginning to allow our selves to stabilize and re-gain our breath and composure in the storms/circumstances that come our way, able to ground ourselves after a wave hits us and begin swimming again, then soon we are able to keep ourselves afloat and choose to change our circumstances completely, choosing what direction to go and how fast. We need to be grounded in our bodies, that means we are open and are allowing energy to flow freely through us into the earth, and for that to happen we need to present with the body.

Embodiment comes with us bridging the gaps of awareness that exist within our bodies and minds, when we feel and move our body from head to toe, not neglecting any nook or cranny, we cultivation connectivity, and when we’re more connected, energy flows much more easily, and therefor it is easier to release trapped emotion, to transform stagnant energy and to flood our organs, tissues and bodily systems with life force. As we open and relax the tension patterns the body is holding and gently drive the movement of the breath deeper into our bodies, we are shedding light on any darkness or dis-ease that exists in the body, we’re getting to know ourselves better, and allow ourselves to more fully express who we are, as we do indeed need the body open and free to fully express ourselves physically, sexually, emotionally and intellectually…you can only go deeper, the body and mind are rabbit holes, and when you begin to open the body and dive into it in various ways, you will find both pain, anger and sorrow, as well as happiness, joy and love that have not been accepted or expressed. Eventually you will come to places where the perceptual lens has been cleared right away from any memory or pattern that you could compose, it has come back into harmony with life (at least for the moment). The body becomes so filled with your spacious silence that it becomes transparent. Your sense of self unbound, you begin to roam the halls of the temple of your being, unheeded by your prior stagnancy…Your reactions to circumstances change, you begin to witness life with an open sense of wonder and awe, as you become child like in the way you embrace your experience.

This program will be mainly a video series to share strategies, techniques, tips and principles on how to open, relax and nourish the body and energy field with movement, sound and energy to enhance physical, mental and emotional health. A few articles and healing transmissions will also be included to facilitate the use of the material and assist with the relaxation, opening and healing process. This is meant to be a stepping stone on your path of self discovery, it is not meant to be a cure for anything, but it will assist you greatly in all of your practices/art/experiences and your journey of bringing harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Life is music…let’s dance!


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  1. that’s fantastic Jordan.. love it.. perfect…

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