Conscious Alchemy and My Healing Work

mistynessss I offer a very interesting blend of Intuitive Energy Healing and all around consciousness evolving and personal evolution consultation sessions.  I tailor each session to a person’s needs and give them what their soul is craving the most at the time based on what I can provide. I’m a “teach a man to fish” sort of healer, and prefer to always teach someone how to continue on their journey of  healing with more of a foundation of knowledge about who they are and how spirit flows. As well as providing spiritual/energetic healing, energy clearing, grid work all sorts of “woo woo” stuff, I teach people how to do inner work with themselves, and can also dive into much more grounded and concrete/physical aspects into such as general health, exercise, nutrition, herbs etc…although I’m not certified in any of these areas, I’ve been learning about them my entire life, and my knowledge base is very wide and so I like to share what tools I can that I have personal used or that I know work to balance the mind, body and spirit.

 I have always been extremely interested in learning in all ways, and about finding out how this place that we live in works. Between the ages of 5-10 I read encyclopedias and all forms of book knowledge that lead me to have a wide range of intellectual knowledge that seemed useless in school and this society, although for some reason I cherished it all…Later I would find it would be integrated with the awareness of my extreme empathic abilities and the way I could very simply and easily feel energy, and what a person was feeling/experiencing…Although I blocked this out for a few years, after I graduated from High School it came back with full force within a year.

 At about the age of 17-18 I started to meditate very deeply and work with my energy and consciousness…after beginning to expand my awareness in many ways, I became aware of my innate ability to heal in incredible ways…since then I’ve been expanding on this through meditation, observation and deep study of many esoteric and exoteric forms of healing to create my own “modality” I’ve come to call Conscious Alchemy, which is simply who I am…Through this journey I have began to bring together the ways of hands on healing, prayer and faith, physical health and nutrition, reflexology and body work, shamanic and emotional healing, and sound healing with the deep wisdom of Taoism and other natural philosophy and the use of the human technology through energy work and Qi Gong. I also have intuitively explored and worked with the extremely high dimensional realms of consciousness, and have learned about the use of light, sound, vibration, intention and movement to create a blend of many forms of energy work, and a “new”(possibly extremely ancient or timeless) form of healing on it’s own through working with the “source/unified field” of pure consciousness…by interacting with extremely high dimensional aspects of existence I can align and balance energies and then anchor this into the physical body…this is extremely hard to explain as there it is so beyond the way we usually observe reality, but it comes naturally to me, so I will continue to cultivate my awareness of it and will use it in whatever way God/Source/The Universe guides me to. If this intrigues you and you would like to book a session or learn more about me, feel free to contact me to book a session by exploring this site and my other venues of expression online.

Infinite love to all!
In lak’ech Ala k’in
Munay Sengko


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  1. Great service for soul searching, healing! Thanks God you exist 🙂
    This will be my home for my soul!

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